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    Is Sugar the Primary Cause of Cavities?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Sugar is infamous for contributing to cavities in teeth. However, sugar itself may not be the most important factor when it comes to tooth decay. Keep reading to find out if sugar is the primary cause of cavities.

    The bacteria in your mouth produce acids that eat away at your tooth enamel, which can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Sugar takes the brunt of the blame because sugar is a carbohydrate, and carbohydrates cause the bacteria in your mouth to make these acids. However, sugar is just one of the many types of carbohydrates that spark this reaction. Also at fault are potatoes, fruits, vegetables, and rice. The more time your teeth spend exposed to the acids produced by bacteria, the more damage they will suffer.

    Are you prone to cavities? Call Sleep Dentistry of Portland at (503) 766-3984 or visit our website. We provide the Portland area with cosmetic and sedation dentistry treatments. If you live in the Portland area, feel free to stop by and meet us today. 

    Preparing Your Tooth for a Dental Crown

    Last updated 5 months ago

    When you have a tooth that is damaged due to trauma or decay, a dental crown is a common treatment. This procedure is typically completed in two visits after speaking with your dentist. Keep reading for information about preparing your tooth for a dental crown.

    The first step in preparing your tooth for a dental crown is visiting your dentist for an examination. Your dentist can determine what kind of treatment you will need. If your tooth has been severely damaged and become infected, your dentist may recommend that you undergo a root canal procedure before the crown is placed.

    First Procedure
    Before your crown can be placed, your dentist must free up the necessary space by filing down your tooth. Next, your dentist will make an impression of your tooth as well as an impression of the teeth on the opposite jaw. In most cases, you will then receive a temporary crown while the impression is being worked into a final crown in a lab. You may notice that your temporary crown is not very sturdy—this is done on purpose so that it can easily be replaced with the permanent crown.

    Second Procedure
    When you return for your second visit, your permanent crown will be waiting for you. Your dentist may make minor changes to this crown after removing the temporary crown and before placing the permanent crown. After the finishing touches are complete, the permanent crown will be applied to your tooth. It is normal to be temporarily sensitive to cooler temperatures after a crown is placed, but this will pass.

    If you would like to know more about the process of preparing your tooth for a dental crown, contact Sleep Dentistry of Portland. We are a cosmetic and sedation dentistry practice that offers sleep apnea treatment, dentures, and more. You can learn additional information about our services by calling (503) 766-3984 or by visiting our website.

    Oral Health Tips for People with Diabetes

    Last updated 5 months ago

    The relationship between oral health and diabetes is complicated—diabetes can impact your oral health, and the state of your teeth and gums can affect your blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, it is important that you pay close attention to your oral health. Watch this video to learn a few oral health tips for people with diabetes.

    Like anyone else, people with diabetes should be brushing their teeth twice per day, flossing once each day, and using antiseptic mouth rinses after brushing. It also helps to use toothpaste that combats gingivitis. See your dentist at least once every six months so he or she can check for signs of gum disease or infection. If you are prone to gum disease, you should see your dentist every three to four months.

    For more oral health tips for people with diabetes, call Sleep Dentistry of Portland at (503) 766-3984 or visit our website. We are proud to be among the leading cosmetic and sedation dentistry practices in the Portland area. 

    Dental News & Views

    Last updated 5 months ago

    • 7.2.14
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    Managing a Dental Emergency During a Summer Vacation

    Last updated 5 months ago

    If you are going on a summer vacation, you likely put a great deal of time and effort into planning the trip, so the last thing you want to experience is a dental emergency when you are so far from your dentist. Here are some tips to help you avoid and manage dental emergencies during a summer vacation.

    See the Dentist Before Your Trip
    Before you embark on your summer vacation, prepare your teeth. If you have no plans of having major dental procedures done, go in for a regular checkup and cleaning. This should start you off on the right foot when you leave for your trip. If you are in need of major dental treatments, have them done well before you are scheduled to leave. It is not a good idea to have procedures done immediately before you leave, especially if you are going to be flying—some treatments can make your teeth temporarily sensitive to changes in air pressure.

    Do Your Research
    In the event that you find yourself managing a dental emergency during a summer vacation, it is important to know how to react so that you do not aggravate the problem. If you know how to handle the situation, you can help move the recovery process along. For example, if you break your tooth, keep the broken part so you can bring it to an emergency dentist for treatment. Similarly, if you lose a crown, you should keep it safe and use dental cement to seal the hole until you can see your dentist.

    Travel Prepared
    Many common dental problems can be remedied, at least temporarily, with a dental emergency kit. Try to find one with detailed instructions for use and bring it with you on your summer vacation. Remember that it is still imperative that you see a dentist upon returning.

    Sleep Dentistry of Portland is happy to be the go-to dentistry practice for sedation dentistry in Portland. We treat sleep apnea, and provide dentures and other cosmetic dentistry treatments. If you would like to find out more about our business, please do not hesitate to visit our website or call us at (503) 766-3984.

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